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Let us fill your seats with great candidates. Ninja Headhunters™ automates your sourcing, vetting and outreach. We utilize the latest powerful technology to help you find the best people with your special critieras – and we know how to get them interested in both your company and your team!

Our background

Thanks to our background from the lead generation and marketing automation business we can offer a top of the line system and expertise to locate the best candidates via the most effective channels on the web. We speed up the prospecting and quality assurance process – so you can book meetings with more and better candidates. We often deliver the first five candidates the first week after your order and we’re so efficient that you often save 1-2 months in comparison to other agencies.

More candidates to interview

We contact the candidates through chat, email or phone. And thanks to a number of automation processes in our system + smart algorithms + search tools we speed up the process without losing quality or hitrate.

It has never gone faster to find 3, 5, 7 (or maybe you need 15) highly relevant candidates that would like to drink coffee with you. You get them delivered on a silver plate!

GDPR compliant

Our system only search for public data (if we have to search outside of our own members database).

With our system of smart algorithms, searches and cross reference on other public websites we find our candidates. We also use email adress validation functions to make it possible to contact even more candidates – validating if  exists before we reach out. Of course we also call and chat with our candidates to get even more hits!

Both our system and how we save data is GDPR compliant.


Start-up fee: 499 dollar excluding taxes

Success fee: 10 percent of the candidates yearly salary*

*50% less than a traditional recruiting agency as determined by Bountyjobs 2018 Agency Benchmark Report. 1 or 2 months depending on seniority.


If one of our candidate quits his or her job within 3 months then we will deliver new candidates to interview. Free of charge.

The guarantee is offered for most jobs, but not all.


The candidate process

The order

The alarm goes off when we get a job opening from one of our clients. We now use our system to search and find the best candidates based on criterias from the recruiter.

Let’s connect

When we have found the right crowd, our job agents will contact the best candidates through email, phone or on LinkedIn.

New opportunities

Before we connect you for an interview with our client we have to ask some questions. If you seem to have the right skill set you may be the new star our client is looking for!

With ❤ from Stockholm

Ninja Headhunter™ was founded in January 2019 and just a few months later our career match making service is used by recruiters all over the world. During the past several years, Stockholm has produced the most unicorns, i.e. billion-dollar startups, per capita in the world after Silicon Valley. Successful startups such as Spotify, Skype, King, iZettle, Mojang and Klarna are leading Stockholm to become the Unicorn Factory from the North.

Being one of the leading startup ecosystems in the world intensifies the battle for talent, which requires world-class recruitment methods in order to succeed. That’s why Ninja Headhunter™ so quickly got traction locally – we deliver great results fast in a both challenging and exciting market.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you in a heart beat.