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Join over 2000 professionals in our candidate database and be the first to get notified when we have a fitting job opening for you. Connect to a more agile, fast and smart recruiting agency and get the chance to go to interviews for great positions on both start-ups and billion dollar companies worldwide.


The candidate process

The order

The alarm goes off when we get a job opening from one of our clients. We now use our system to search and find the best candidates based on criterias from the recruiter.

Let’s connect

When we have found the right crowd, our job agents will contact the best candidates through email, phone or on LinkedIn.

New opportunities

Before we connect you for an interview with our client we have to ask some questions. If you seem to have the right skill set you may be the new star our client is looking for!

With ❤ from Stockholm

Ninja Headhunter™ was founded in January 2019 and just a few months later our career match making service is used by recruiters all over the world. During the past several years, Stockholm has produced the most unicorns, i.e. billion-dollar startups, per capita in the world after Silicon Valley. Successful startups such as Spotify, Skype, King, iZettle, Mojang and Klarna are leading Stockholm to become the Unicorn Factory from the North.

Being one of the leading startup ecosystems in the world intensifies the battle for talent, which requires world-class recruitment methods in order to succeed. That’s why Ninja Headhunter™ so quickly got traction locally – we deliver great results fast in a both challenging and exciting market.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you in a heart beat.